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The best skin care is preventive skin care. You can fend off the signs of aging and prevent common skin conditions with a daily skin care routine designed for your skin type. Dr. Regina Anderson offers consultations, guidance about skin care, medications, and more to help patients adopt a proactive approach to skin problems. Contact her office in Baltimore, Maryland, to schedule an appointment if you have any skin care concerns, or you need help to restore healthy, radiant skin.

Preventive Care Q & A

What changes occur in skin as you age?

As you get older, skin produces less oil, so it becomes dry. It loses healthy fullness as the layer of fat normally under your skin thins out. As you lose that natural cushioning, lines become more pronounced.

Exposure to sunlight damages the collagen and elastin in your skin. Over time, skin produces less collagen and elastin. As a result, skin loses strength and elasticity, and you develop wrinkles.

How does preventive skin care help alleviate the effects of time?

A daily routine that includes cleansing and moisturizing goes a long way toward keeping skin young and healthy. Cleansing with a gentle, nondrying product removes dirt, oil, and dead cells that clog pores. Moisturizing adds back essential hydration, promotes smoothness, and plumps up wrinkles. Regular use of a moisturizer also repairs and maintains the skin’s natural barrier, which keeps skin strong, hydrated, and resilient.

What are some tips for healthy skin?

Make a habit of checking your skin regularly for abnormal or dangerous moles. Early detection of cancerous moles or spots, called melanoma, is the key to effective treatment.

Exposure to ultraviolet light, UVA or UVB, from sunlight is responsible for 90% of commonly-occurring symptoms of premature skin aging, including wrinkles and skin cancers.

Always wear sunscreen, and keep these things in mind:

  • Use SPF 30 or higher
  • Apply sunscreen daily
  • Use sunscreen on all exposed areas of the skin
  • Apply sunscreen 20-30 minutes prior to going outside
  • Avoid the sun at peak hours, if possible

How can dermatologic care help?

Dr. Anderson provides one-on-one consultations with patients who want to head off any potential skin issues. She examines your skin and determines whether you have normal, dry, flaky, or oily skin, and then develops a customized skin care plan. Her expertise can help you determine what lifestyle choices may be potential causes of future skin care problems, including dietary habits, exercise regimen, skin care products, and stress.

Dr. Anderson and her staff recommend that patients make skin care a part of their daily lives. Developing good habits tailored to your own skin type can help in preventing skin disease or premature signs of aging later in life.


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